Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.

                                                                                 Romans 12:1

Leadership  & Ministries

PT in black suit jacket small.jpg
Senior Pastor Tony Solomon: 

Anthony Nicholas Solomon has been our Pastor since1986. He has a love for all people and a passion for the lost. He is an effective communicator of God's Word and known for his practical, dynamic teaching style. Pastor Tony focuses on helping us apply the timeless truths of Scripture to our personal journey walk following the Lord Jesus Christ. He firmly believes that unity and relationships are the two pillars of kingdom advancement. He and his wife Billie Jean have been married since 1983. They are the proud parents of six children, two of which, David and Nicholas, have already gone home to the Lord.

Pastor June Roman
Associate Pastor June Roman:

June Roman has been an active member of our church for many years and was appointed to Associate Pastor in 2021. Having personally experienced the transforming, saving grace of Jesus Christ, he has a heart to share the redeeming power of the blood of Jesus to all who will hear. He also serves at the City Mission in Schenectady helping others in their relationship with God to move toward a future filled with meaning and direction. He and his wife Kasey have been married since 2002, and have four children (Isaac, Destiny, Gabriel, and Micah). 

Board of Elders:

Esther Brown

Esther was saved in 1970- that’s over half a century of walking with the Lord. She has been at DFBC for 40 years and has been an Elder for about 38 of those years. Esther loves this church and everyone in it. Watching it grow and move in response to the Holy Spirit brings her great joy. Her passion in serving the Lord is being a witness of Christ in word and deed. Esther has four children (Cindy, Paul, Marcia, & Randy). 

Evelyn Hewitt

Evelyn was saved in 1971 and has served the Lord ever since. She has been at DFBC for 40 years and an Elder for 38 years. Evelyn is a very loving, yet fiery, individual. Her passion is simply serving the Lord. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" is her motto and firm belief. Together with Milton (deceased), Evelyn has four children (Karen, Timothy, Robin, & Temple). 

Armand Amedore

Armand was saved in 1981, met Pastor Tony at a Bible study in 1982, and became a part of DFBC in 1987. He initially served as a deacon and was appointed to the Eldership sometime in the 1990's. Army is married to Mary Lou and they have 2 children (Armand III and Nicole). 


Judith Warner

Judith was saved in 1975 and has been a part of DFBC for 20 years. She has served as an Elder for the past 4-5. Together with John (deceased), they have 9 children. John's children are Deborah, Robert, & Jason, and Judith's are James, Jonathan, Jill (deceased), Robin, and Sara. Gary is their unofficial adopted son. Her passion centers on connecting with people one-on-one through discipleship and missions. She says, "I am by far the most unqualified to serve on the Board of Elders." With that attitude, Judie is more than qualified.



At the Concert

Musicians                                                                             Audio Visual Technicians

Bob & Robin Messick                                                                             Steve Luciano

Nicole Amedore                                                                                         Bob Alescio

Ron Paludi                                                                                                Ryan Smith 

Keith Gasner                                                                                            Isaac Roman

Guy DeLeonardo                                                    


To learn more about the Worship Team, click on the link, "Worship" to visit the their dedicated page . Links are at the top & bottom of every page.


Intercessory Prayer

Prayer Group

Diane Yuhas             Evelyn Hewitt       Esther Brown      Judith Warner

Jeff Aucompaugh    Steve Luciano       Robin Messick     Tamara Douglass  

Deb Gasner              Karen May            Danny Kenfield    Bob & Sherry Strait

Pastor Tony             Pastor June           Kasey Roman       Army Amedore

Sara Forbes             Nicole Amedore    Kathleen Kendle   Kathy Ortgies

Cindy Sagendorf

Prayer Requests go out to the Intercessory Prayer Team as they land in the proverbial inbox. Our team is committed to praying regularly for the Pastor, leadership, and congregation as well as individual requests. We encourage everyone to pray for the saved and unsaved. Prayer is not about flowery words. It is a connection to our God asking for help and trusting His wisdom no matter His answer, whether yes, no, or wait. And remember, "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.                                                        


General Leadership

Go Team

Pastor Tony Solomon                   Esther Brown

Pastor June Roman                      Evelyn Hewitt

Judith Warner                               Jeff Aucompaugh 

Army Amedore                             Diane Yuhas

Bob & Sherry Strait                     Bob & Robin Messick

Church Leadership is behind the scenes in prayer, seeking God's will for DFBC. They watch over Jesus' loved ones, including each other, and minister to the needs of people through prayer, fellowship, and service. Godly service is love from the heart of God lived out through His people and leadership is one way He does this. Leaders do not say, Follow me," but always point to Christ, the only One who can truly effect change in the hearts and lives of His people.




Pastor June Roman

John Lane

The Evangelism team focuses on the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20).To this end, they prayerfully consider and encourage creative ways for all of us to share the gospel from handing out tracts and inviting others to church to sharing personal testimonies and practicing relational and street evangelism. We support the evangelistic and missionary work of others. Our team understands that some are sowers, some bring the sun and rain, some protect the seedlings, and some reap the fruit of the crops. It is the work of the whole body of Christ, never delegated to just a few individuals.




One on one discipling is done with the Pastor, an Elder, or a Deacon/Deaconess.

The Great Commission does not end with salvation. We are to "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:18-20). Getting to know new believers, sharing the milk of the Word, and helping them find their place in the body of Christ is more satisfying than you can imagine. There is nothing like seeing their love for the Lord blossom into full flower. 


Youth Group


Steve & Holly Luciano

For information on the Youth Group, call the church at 518-875-6762.


Christian Education


Directors: Steve & Holly Luciano

Nursery Coordinator: Serena Smith

Nursery Assistant: TBD- serves & cares for children ages newborn to 4

Junior Church Assistant: TBD- serves & teaches children grades K-5

"But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 19:4). Christian Education is an essential element of all Bible-based churches and ours is no exception. This team is committed to give their best to your children and theirs. They review educational materials, prepare lessons, teach, and administer the Nursery and Junior Church. Parents are encouraged to take a turn once a month so that everyone can attend services. There is always room for one more. Why not take this opportunity to bless our children and give a little of your time to the Lord?  



Child In Hospital Bed

Bob Strait

Sherry Strait        

Jeff Aucompaugh

Bob Messick


Deacons and Deaconesses serve the Lord through hospital and home visitation, calls, cards, email, texting, and the like. Hospital visitation has been curtailed for the present due to the pandemic but will resume in God's good timing. The Diaconate also prepares communion once a month. Throughout the pandemic, pre-packaged juice and wafers contained in the original box are offered hands free as each person enters the church. 


Food Pantry

Food Box

Judith Warner                                          John Lane

Esther Brown                                           Sonia Beeche

Kathleen Kendle                                      Tamara Douglass

Dave & Bea Ordon                                  TJ & Serena Smith

Marty & Debbie Scardino                       Grace Douglass

Cindy Sagendorph                                  Diana Myers

Kasey Roman

To learn more about the Braman Hall Food Pantry, click on it's link in the menu to visit the their dedicated page . Links are at the top & bottom of every page.



Child In Hospital Bed

Steve Luciano

Rick Longo

Tammy Longo

Bob Alescio

Robin Messick


Trustees prayerfully evaluate the proposed distribution of funds for special projects like building repairs, replacements, and remodeling as well as a myriad of other exigencies to ensure monies are spent wisely and in keeping with the purposes of the church.


Men of Honor

Old Friends

Pastor Tony Solomon 

Army Amedore

Pastor June Roman

Join the guys once a month at the Wagon Train BBQ for a hearty breakfast, a short teaching, and a chance to shoot the breeze or dig down deep. Men of Honor is a great way to get to know one another and the heart of God. $12 for all you can eat, the satisfaction of "man talk" with laughter thrown in- you can't beat it! Second Saturday of every month, 7:00 am - 8:00 am. The restaurant is located at 671 Mariaville Road in Schenectady.  


Girls Night Out

Girl Power

Holly Luciano

Serena Smith

It has been said that women need to rid themselves of 10,000 words a day. Ladies, this is prime time for a good, old-fashioned gab-fest!  Girls Night Out meets the second Monday of every month, from 5 pm - 7 pm at the church. Every get-together has a different theme and activity, keeping it fresh and alive. It's casual and lighthearted. Remember, all work and no play makes Mommy crabby. 



Church Pews

Danny Kenfield         Army Amedore                    

John Lane                  Charlie Page

Bob Strait                  Lee Sagendorph 

Ushers greet you as you enter the church, hand you the bulletin, and help you to your seat if needed. They do what they can to ensure your comfort from adjusting the lights and fans, fixing this, straightening that, and moving heavy things. If it is your first visit they will present you with a little gift. They shovel snow and ice the steps and attend to parking at special events. Ushers do a lot of little things you may not notice but they surely make a difference!



Coffee Hour & Special Events

Serving Rice

 Sherry Strait                      Tamara Douglass

Charlotte Brinkerhoff        

Food, fun, & fellowship- that's what coffee hour is all about. It takes place directly after the service in the Fellowship Hall and the food is potluck. You can drop off your food to share prior to service. These ladies set up the buffet and clean up afterward (any help is greatly appreciated). Come on over after service. Munch a little and enjoy getting together in a lighthearted, relaxed atmosphere. Events include guest luncheons, ordinations, and other church-wide celebrations. 


Church Library

Girl reading in library

Tamara Douglass

Bibles, books, DVDs- it's all there. Favorite authors and those you've never heard of before. A wide variety of topics for the discerning Christian. Singles and series. Books that make you think and books that make you laugh... or cry. Bury your head in a good book today! We have special sections for Bible study, prayer, healing, marriage, and prophecy as well as Bibles and devotionals. Our library administrator files and refiles, picks up pre-loved books wherever she finds them, and keeps the shelves searchable. Donations of good, Christian books are always welcome. And so are you!


Church Historian

Holding a Book

Jonathan Myers

The Church Historian keeps a weekly journal of all that takes place throughout the year. This information is kept on file and shared with the membership at the annual meeting. It enables us to evaluate and streamline ministry throughout the year as we serve the Lord by serving others. It may seem a small task to record events in the life of a local church but it has a far reaching impact on the Kingdom of God.


Floral & Decor Team

Purple Flowers

Floral Coordinator: TBD


Robin Messick

Kelli DeLeonardo

Cindy Sagendorph

Decorating the church is not just about flowers. It's about giving gifts of time and talent. God created beauty. It honors Him when we take something plain and turn it into something lovely. Just like our Father does with each one of us. If  you have a knack for decorating or just like to work with those who do, consider becoming a part of it! Talk to Robin.